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Bladesmith Websites:

JR Cook

Jerry Fisk

Mike Williams

Mike Ruth

Lin Rhea

Knife Forums:

Blade Forums

The Knife Network

Ellis Custom Knifeworks (Refractory supplies, forges, and more.  Really a great person to do business with.)

Jantz Supply

MSC Industrial Supply

Surplus Center

Texas Knifemakers Supply

Beaumont Metal Works (KMG Belt Grinder)

Birchwood Casey

Harbor Freight

Everstamp (Makers Stamps)

Heatbath / Park Metallurgical (heat treating salts and oils)


Paragon Kilns


Arizona Desert Ironwood

Little Machine Shop (mini-mill supplies)

Giraffe Bone

Uri Hofi hammers

Pop's Knife Supplies

Boone Trading Company (Ivory)


Midway (gunsmithing supplies)







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